Inakono's business card layered on top of a vintage picture taken in the south of France

Our story

After almost two years of work in the shadows we are really proud to announce that our website is officially open! 🌝

A collaboration between two people passionate by design.

Inakono is an E-commerce which focuses on the curation of unique design items by craft(wo)men and designers mostly from Europe. Our objective is to sell products we are truly proud of. Handmade, high quality and above all beautiful.

The items we offer have been crafted and designed by amazing people who are truly passionate about their work. And although not good as your grandma's cooking, you can really feel their passion in they designed.

We are often confronted to mass produced soulless items which become obsolete as they lack any soul. Our selection avoids this at any cost, we truly believe that you can feel the passion of the creators through their creations...

“Even the common articles made for daily use become endowed with beauty when they are loved.”
- Soetsu Yanagi